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Full guide to how to use base most efficient way


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Disclaimer: this was done by me after several testings and wasted gold  and utilize power kits

This guide is made to show how to use the base the most effcient way in order to speed up your progress

For this guide i will seperate it for 3 categories: early game,midgame,endgame

  1. Early game

for early game you want to rush the base and get 2 factories then choose the first item crafting (the common one that you have at level one)

Craft about 200 items (100 for each factory) then you want to save them for power kits

Explanation: Kits are items that grants a huge boost when used for upgrading items and the higher their level the better

Now 1 common power kits requires 19 common items to max out which is far better when you use those items directly

Now this method is best if you manage to get power kits but if you cant you can use anyway

COST:200K and takes 1 day                                        PAYOUT:RNG dependent

        2. Mid game (the overall best)

now for mid game you need to have 1 level 15 factory to unlock power kits and have 3 level 1 factories

craft 100 power kits and 300 common items (again the first one)

use 57 items to get 3 maxed common kits (19 items each) then use 5 common items to get a power kit at level 5

you will then use those to max out 1 rare power kit like this:Screenshot_-_SuperMechs.thumb.jpg.909687ba8dd7fc652dd08d2ce1a3250b.jpg

After you run out of common items craft another 400 common items

Explanation: rare power kits are a much stronger version than the common ones and with this method you get 5 maxed rare kits which is huge because you need :

1 maxed rare kit + level 17  rare power kits to max 1 epic
4 maxed rare power kits to max 1 non premium legendary
5 maxed rare power kits to max 1 premium legendary
4 maxed rare power kits to max 1 non premium legendary
13,5 maxed rare power kits to max 1 premium methyical
12 maxed rare power kits to max 1 non premium methyical

With method you can get 2 legendaries in the first day plus 3 more in the second day which mean you can get 1 mythical item in 2 days

COST:2300K and takes 2 days                                        PAYOUT:5 MAXED RARE POWER KITS PER DAY

        End game (the fastest)

for this you will need 4 level 15 factories for power kits

Craft 400 power kits

Same method in mid game but here we will use 6 common kits to max 1 common kit(this works for all rarities so 6 rare power kits to max 1 rare power kit) then we will use 1 kit to get another one to level 5

Then use these to max 1 rare kit

Explanation: there is a hidden mechanic in this game where if you use items from a type (like legs) to upgrade an item from the same type (which will be legs) you get extra power when upgrading the item and this mechanic works with different rarities on top of it all this bonus gets bigger the more items you have here is an example:Screenshot_-_SuperMechs.thumb.jpg.83b1db20e7168ba33f0f35404bce23a9.jpg

As you can see a common power kit has 1200 boost power but because i am using a power kit to boost a power kits (which both are the same type) i got extra 120 power and it works with all rarities like this for example:Screenshot_-_SuperMechs.thumb.jpg.d72bb6e0a7a482314863e8ee77ca1049.jpg

Again a rare power kit is only 6000 power but since i added extra 2 i got 1800 extra power

So basically for each item in the same type you use you get extra 10% of its power

And this what makes this method the best since this what makes you use few kits to max a rare kit

With this method you get 21 maxed rare power kits

COST:2400K (a little more expensive but faster than mid game method) and takes 1 day and 7 hours       PAYOUT:21 MAXED RARE POWER KITS AKA 10 LEGENDARIES


thanks for reading

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