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[ I need opinions about my Mech ]

IIvan MK-4


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depending on your full arsenal you might be doing right. If you are a recent player with limited parts, it is not that bad your current set up idea. Sure, in the future will have to make changes. Depending on your current rank, it can be powerful enough and just require maxing modules. 

In the not that good side for a higher rank depending where at you now, the workshop it is showing you some difficulties that will affect ranking up. The cooling and energy regeneration will be low even with maxed modules. 

Depending on your skills as player and match maker, you can still progress some but will hit a wall because lack of recovery. 

Few things to think is based on your weapons use versus modules in use. As you level up a weapon, the consumption from modules will be higher. 

1- Your drone maxed will be a descent drone, but it is more used when having a bit more of HP at least passing the 2100 but ok depending on your base rank stability.  The drone consumes HP to give power and be an all-distance drone.  It generates heat and consume energy to be use. 

2- The other weapons use energy to work and generate heat when are in use reason having a bit better energy recovery and cooling is best. A basic value to have been around 300. Sure even 300 or even 400 are not enough but 300 it is somewhat optimal. Few of your modules do not generate cooling/regen but cap reason lower cooling/regen but can help in some way with the cap. 

3- Weapons are not the optimal but starting can help a bit. Sure, having a rock recoiler, and removing few not in real need can improve. 

The normal tendency is to add weapons when there are not enough modules.  It is sometimes a mistake but helpful for some time. 

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1 hour ago, AradirOff said:

No es un mal mech pero deberías priorizar mejorar el torso y los módulos. Tienes un buen mech pero un mech de energía te podría hacer counter

It's not a bad mech but you should prioritize improving the torso and modules. You have a good mech but a mech of energy could make you counter

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