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1 hour ago, AradirOff said:

Hi, i am rank 16-17 In arena but recently i only found win farmers if someone can give me tips to avoid these dumbs please help me. This Is my mechScreenshot_20230924-190708.thumb.png.bc62b4692e6d2db8cd2c6b5bc13f5d81.pngScreenshot_20230924-190722.thumb.png.4427ee7216b6e4fdcbdec2e13d4f734e.pngScreenshot_20230924-190717.thumb.png.b7132ead7e857db00b3ca50754f837c0.png


you are doing a good job building your mech. Max modules farming a lot.

In reality there is not much you can do about the Smurf's guys. This is something very old thing with players maybe dating back from the game old version. 

I had the same issue when started and even at top the same thing. 

The best you can do it is to get focus into farm a lot every day to keep improving your mech. 

Some options are: 

1- Farm a lot and enhance those parts and keep moving up

2- Drop rank and do the same. 

3- Do not get frustrated because it will keep the same for higher ranks reason sometimes you get too tuff guys been pushed down because others more powerful not belong to those ranks are pushing them down then you have to face some of them because higher ranks Smurf's 

4- Does not matter if you buy stuff, will be hard. 

My son played today and was getting tougher guys against his mechs dropping to R8 mid stars and that it is a problem because then the match maker will match his mechs with lower ranks as R10 or R11 but too strong for them making them lose fights trying to go up but kept getting tuff guys forcing his mechs stand still or lowering even more his rank which the effect will cascade to you getting tuff guys by default plus the extra Smurf's. 

This season it is the 3V3 season. During this season, lower ranks suffer more because some conditions:

1- Smurf's

2- Players unable to play 3V3 not having power for it but powerful in 1V1 and 2V2 staying at R7-R6 been naturally R5-R1 players with 1 or 2 mechs and use them at R7-R6 pushing down the true R7-R6 down the line.

3- Some players hate 3V3 because takes too long to get a win with time limitations to play the game in real life or just hate to go for the long fight. 

4- Too many of the same mechs at top and depending on who start, floor mats, position and output damage which are variable and many getting stuck down because match maker keep matching with the same group unable to scape and move up. 

This season will be tuff. So, Smurf's grow it is real in this season basically starting at R5 down to R25.



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