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Best food items



What are the best items to use as food?

I saw somewhere post about items that are easiest and fastest/cheapest to transform to legendary but I forgot to screenshot it, if someone could list a few of these I'll be grateful 

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Best items depend on what you're upgrading since you get a bonus depending how similar your item is. Let's say I'm upgrading a heat side weapon:

A phys module wont give me any bonus, an energy side weapon will give me a half bonus for also being a side weapon, and a heat side weapon will give me the full bonus for matching type and element. Beyond that it depends how upgraded the item you're using as food is. A fully upgraded rare will give more boost than a level 1 rare.

I've never done actual tests but it seems like upgrade speed is determined by item rarity. Upgrading an item that only reaches epic needs less boost to get to epic than upgrading a potentially legendary item to the same epic level, and premium items need more boost than equivalent non-premiums.

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