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5 minutes ago, Jake said:


Gato Games*


5 minutes ago, Jake said:

why tacrisoft had to disable supermechs on browser

Gato Games/Tacticsoft didn't disable it. That happened because of flash player. No flash > No SM. And, before you ask "why flash player stopped working", that's because Adobe stopped supporting it.

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It is adobe that has ended the life of Flash Player. SuperMechs used Flash Player so you could play SuperMechs in your browser. Aside from rewriting their code so that it will work in your browser without the Flash Plugin, there is nothing Tacticsoft can do.

I would hope that changes are made to  bring the game back to the browser. While we wait to see if that happens, I would recommend you use another platform. A mobile device works well. Personally, I run a virtual android system on top of my operating system using QEMU/KVM, and that works smoothly and flawlessly.

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