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Funny/weird/unique mechs that are usable

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I don't like seeing the same weapons being used everytime such as savagery or malice beam or blah blah blah blah, so just create unique mechs here!


Here are some I've created!


This mechs wants you to get close to it, notsure if it s a good idea though, this is not usable in higher ranks. but it is a fun and usably mech.


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Don't think this type of mech has been used before. image.png.b8c0c713305eda8bbb070ee06f6d0eb3.png

image.png.b52b041f19d5db41df5d5d422a8c3acc.pngThis is a mech that focuses on outlasting your opponent.

I think I should rename myself to Immaculate, that would be a much better name, wouldn't it?

Scorpions are also very cool.

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