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Welcome Pilots! to my sprites and remixes of SuperMechs item!

After completing our first Art Competition, I just can't stop myself from editing SM's items. I'm spending hours a day just to make another SM's sprite using Photoshop. I know I'm just a beginner at this but I will try to get better everytime I'm using editing tools. If you guys like my art, you guys can also join me in this thread! you can also put your own art in this thread.

This is my first ever sprite, I called it "Cyber Roman". The base torso was Avenger and I tried to make it look better for our Art Competition.


So that's about it, I hope you guys like this thread and have a nice day!


On 1/14/2023 at 11:09 PM, bumbum said:


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wrong 3 (see edit history)

aku sayang kamu

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