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SuperMechs Workshop umlimited beta


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There are a few problems with these builds:


Problem 1: Perimeter Protector and Distance Generator are absolutely useless if there is not much space behind you to jump. For instance, if you have 5 blocks behind you or lower instead of 6 ( whichn is the number of blocks required), you can't use them.


Problem 2: The regeneration and cooling is wayyy too low on both the mechs.


Problem 3: The HP is pretty good on both the mechs, but there is very low resistance on the mech with the monkey torso. Change the modules to 1 Platinum Plating, 3 Fortresses of each damage type, Some QCBs and OPs. Remove some of the specials to reserve space for the modules.



If there are any mistakes in here, correct me if I'm wrong :]

By someone, somewhere.

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