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is this mech good



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Personally, I'd move away from hybrid. Resistance damage is a big part of your damage output as you advance up the ranks. Let's say your first weapon does 15 resistance damage, your second does 10, and your drone does 3.

15 + 25 + 3= 43 more damage per turn.
Turn 2 = 86 more damage
Turn 3 = 129 more damage

Now let's see how resistance damage stacks with a hybrid. keeping the same imaginary weapons:

15 heat + 25 phy + 3 heat = 50/50 chance 18/25 more damage per turn
Turn 2 =  50/50 chance of 36/50 damage
Turn 3 = 50/50 chance of 54/75 damage 

So you see, even though you have the same total resistance damage, your damage output goes way down using a hybrid mech. You won't notice this yet because lower rank wins only depend on who has more weapon upgrades, but everyone on higher ranks has maxed weapons so making them work together becomes super important.

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