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Tips to improve my mech? (what legendary should i max first or what modules should i upgrade)


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Upgrade your common modules and cannon to epic at the same time. By that I mean rotating upgrades to keep levels even. If you get a magma recoiler, add that to your upgrade rotation to replace your cannon. Once everything is epic, upgrade everything bit by bit to legendary.

Why? Because upgrading another thing to legendary while still having rare items makes your mech is really uneven. Not enough health against phys, not enough cooling against heat, not enough regeneration against cooling, and only a 50/50 chance of beating someone with bad cooling since you're so weak in other areas compared to them.

Also, balancing your mech will show you faster improvement in the short term since you can upgrade multiple rares for the cost of upgrading just one epic. That and it'll give you time to hopefully find enough epics on missions and arena to use as food once its time to upgrade to legendary.

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