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Losing my Rank 1 Account SM name "DwainHD" . This needs to be resolved. sad....


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I tell what happened. I created a new account on supermechs and when I logged back into my main account "DwainHD" I couldn't log in anymore. I have not given my username or password to anyone really need your help. i spent 6 years playing this game... please give it back to me... didn't do anything...

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What happens when you attempt to log in? I had a problem where it didn't connect me to my account but I could log in as a guest. I sent a support ticket and the volunteer was really patient with me.

He reset my account but I still couldn't log in. He reset it again and I could finally log in after the second reset.

I still have no idea what happened but just sharing to let you know not to stress because support will work with you and wont give up until your issue is resolved.

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Email support@supermechs.com and provide your account email and player ID along with a detailed description of your problem.

I say detailrd because from your post I don't know what happens when you try to log in. Error message? Endless loading? Game freeze? Also, what troubleshooting steps have you tried? They'll need to know this.

Put all this information in your email and they will get back to you in a few days. Good luck, bro.

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47 minutes ago, Neon Goliath said:

When you made the new account, hopefully you didn't register it to the same email as your old account, replacing your old account with your new account.


Can you explain how you did it?

if they did then the new account would physically replace the old one right?

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