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To the R15 - beginner's way

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I've started a new game, in where I want to break through to R15 from zero.

Today is the first day, I'm played just 90 minutes.

All tokens I will spend on Premium Packs.

Till I got first 335 tokens I'm trying to not upgrade any items.  If I could play more - I'm sure that I'm easilly got 2 Premium packs. 

So, after day 1, I have no good torso or interesting boots, but I have Supreme canon, two drones with backfire and a big blue viking's hammer )))

I'm trying to not use a drone in battles till I got more hp, so I didn't boost it yet.
Also I won first 5 arena games in a row. 

Скриншот 17.05.23_21.11.14.jpg

Скриншот 17.05.23_21.31.38.jpg

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