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help with my mech



what should i upgrade

what can i change in my build to make it better

im stuck at rank 12 even though i feel like i should be doing better also my main mech cant even beat 1v1 insane on auto play. it can only do hard

2023-04-13 (1).png

2023-04-13 (2).png

2023-04-13 (3).png

2023-04-13 (4).png

2023-04-13 (5).png


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1st Mech:

A bit more resistance. Also for 2 range, use recoiler or something. Max out the modules for more regeneration.

2nd Mech:

Try not to put random stuff on the mech. I recommend making it an energy mech. Also, would be better if you replaced your legs. More regeneration needed too.


Hope it helps :]

By someone, somewhere.

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