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If not wrong, back in 2017, the game was upgraded to current format and parts without the BASE. Sure, not all parts were added, and new parts were released step by step through portals.  The old version was called Legacy and people who used to play on those days, the kept the same account and converted parts to get new ones. Some people decided to keep some of them allowed to function in the current game version RELOADED. 

There are still accounts in full Legacy version because players got upset with the change and decided to no longer play the game, but they still have their accounts around and sometimes they play with them. Basically, old accounts belong to old players.

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12 hours ago, Martyna said:

Do you know what it is?  These drones and torsos are weird, is there anything like that in the game? 




Those are a lot of legacy items. In other words, old version items. They aren't obtainable anymore in the current version.

By someone, somewhere.

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On 4/4/2023 at 10:03 AM, HybskiYT said:

This heat drone is very nostalgic

I like the healing one more

if you wanna I can post some pics of legacy mechs here ig

This Is The Of All Time


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