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Update on my account im trying to get brutality in


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I started this account not long ago, around like 1 month ago, i got a few epics from a premium pack a few dyas ago, i got a kraken and flaming hammer more recently, i got dawnblaze a bit later, things got a bit boring, i completed the campaign, fought some titans and some arena battles, i didnt change my mech for that period since i didnt get good stuff, i did some missions on insane and then stopped playing for around 1-2 days


Now more recently i logged in and claimed the dialy boxes and got 1 epic, the rest was used to upgrade stuff

Yesterday i was able to upgrade my mech since a cheap offer landed, i played a bit to see if ny loadout improved (it did)

Now today i did more insane difficulty missions for easy xp (as of writing this im level 44, nearly 45) to level up and hopefully get to level 50 today or tomorrow, after i finished i did a arena battle and won, i did raid stage 2.

jumping to right now, i upgraded my energy modules and went here.


next update in a few days.

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