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project of remaking legacy wu pack

Delta Hyperion-Z

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so uh... i just started a project about remaking wu legacy pack in about 2 months ago. i just need help to gain more images and stats for my project.

the stats and images that i need is listed on this spoiler comment.



-Yellow: image required.

-Blue: stats required.

-Red: image AND stats required.

-Green: need a better image.


Diamond Shell, Lava ShellLightning Shell


Steel Barricade, Electric Mass

Side Weapons:

Armor Breaker Mark I, Armor Breaker Mark II, Metal Shredder Mark I, Metal Shredder Mark II, Steel Hammer, Lava Spray Mark I, Lava Spray Mark II, Devastation Swarm Mark I, Devastation Swarm Mark II, Infenal Axe, Meltdown Hammer, Cooldown Blocker Mark I, Cooldown Blocker Mark II, Lightning Hammer, Electric Axe, Regeneration Blocker Mark II, ColdFire Mark I, ColdFire Mark II, Electric Storm Mark I

Top Weapons:

Rear Hit Mega Mark, Ultra Nove Mark I, Metal Bender Mark I, Engine Breaker Mark I, Engine Breaker Mark II, Heat Penetrator Mark I, Heat Penetrator Mark II, Red Rain Mark I, Backstabber Mark I, Mayhem Battery III, FireWatch Mark I, Generator Breaker Mark I, Generator Breaker Mark II, Energy Penetrator Mark I, Energy Penetrator Mark II


this thing that i don't know the name



Special Items (teleport, grap hooks, charge):



Heat Control Mark II, Electron Field III, Adv. Energy Module 3, Energy & Heat Booster II

what's improved in my wu legacy pack?

there's not really much improvement done here.


First, added torso attachment. 

here's a comparasion of 2 images

-OG wu legacy pack



-and my version of wu legacy pack.



second, any images that not avaiable (as you can see on OG wu legacy pack that uses god mode images.) marked as "?" image. like this:


it's looking better than using god mode image lmao.

k, that's all i can improve.

not all legacy items included here, because i'm so lazy lmao. i only add items via requests on this topic, or dpending on my mood which items i will add later on.

have any legacy items to add? here are the rules:


insert the name of the item, stats, and image (if you had it.) of the item, and send it on this topic. example:


Mass Deflector (Side Weapon)

Weight 56

Pys Dmg 66-106

Pys Resist Drain 3

Range 1-1

Knockback 5

Energy Cost 20

Heat Cost 10

Transform Range "Mythical" (this one is required, it depends if this item is premium or not.)


NOTE: the image must be in *.png format. any size image is acceptable.

download the pack:

Delta Hyperion-Z's Legacy pack.json


ok ima go sleep now. it's midnight here lol. and sorry if my english kinda sucked up.

"I am 4 parallel universes ahead of you."

-probably chad mario from terminalmontage.

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