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Poetry Thread

A Happy Face

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I'm not waiting for the comp. I'm not refining myself to the comp.


Anyway, here's one.



Everything is a colapsing abyss. 
All that is left is the falling cries of the personified abyss.
The abyss is a yelping bottom. 
The abyss thought it wanted its own mysery and realised soon it was narcisstic self-hate.
my abyss is gay and wants nothing more than to be groped and call it love. 
my abyss is a panicked wet lingering fart.
my abyss is the puckered rectum of a willing rape victim. 
my abyss is my own laughing stare in the mirror every morning.
my abyss is the 46 to Rutherglen.

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Everywhere I see are coated in blood.

The blood runs out of my victims

The blood dries whenever I go

My own blood melts my body and it is painlful

My blood is my cure but I am never willing to give my blood to anyone

My blood covers my body in agony

I am losing my own blood

But I am getting even more blood

My own blood is a curse of death

I am going to put the CQR Front Grip and Stock/Grip on my M4, is that okay for you?

Loadout FN FAL, Desolator Heavy, Chainsaw, High Visibility Jacket, Leather Gloves, Vexeron Gloves Arm Wraps, Gas Mask.

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