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Atomus Tortures Bad Cooling (Part 8)


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Atomus has risen in power a lot since a couple months back, and due to this he's constantly terrorizing mechs that get stronger every day along with him.


One of the many highlights from his rampage through the ladder ranks is this unique situation here.


This guy had actually killed me the first time we met, he was cocky too, it's no different here either. The only difference is that he forgot that I, too could kill him just as easily as he could kill me.


it was just a battle of willpower which Atomus overcame.


The Boiler Mech that Burns down and obliterates any mech with incompetent module configuration. Atomus' Boiler acts as a Hard-counter to any Mech that has the slightest margin of exploitable Cooling

 'I will literally melt your mech dude..

So go on then, try me'

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