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I have a problem with the fuel system, it's kinda tedious and expensive

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I know I'm very impatient sorry but the fuel system is a pain in my back, having to wait a long time to do campaign missions not to mention the suffering that is fuel and it is quite expensive in Australia to buy tokens to refill it faster I know I could just buy premium but that would also be expensive.


Sorry to be annoying 

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The way to farm does require to time the fuel regeneration according to your account status. Using tokens to refuel faster, it is expensive for everyone and used to be good for portals as example normally been used more when used to get new parts. 

For an account already maxed, the maximum of fuel is 95. That will take roughly 5hrs to cap from 0-95. 

If your account it is not fully maxed in the arena shop and or account level at 250, your refueling will be less and slower.


If you observe and have a phone to use around any place, you can max fuel consumption before caps. As soon it caps, it does stop to regenerate till consume some. 

It is tedious to wait and to farm for sure. You are not the only one with the problem and I include my person. Players understand the issue. 

I was talking to a player a week ago and followed what I do farming and in 6 months is now R7 plus. you can rank account fast depending on your farming habit. To mature an account in a steady way to 250, it does require normally a year or more with just few exceptions on players making the process in less than a year in a freeway farm. 

Yes, we get it. 🥴

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