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What should stay and what should go?



I have quite a bit of epics, maybe not as much in comparison to higher ranking players, but I'd say I have more than enough at the moment to get somewhere with what I got.


Out of all these epics I have, i've been wondering what epics i should focus on using as food as opposed to outright using them on my boiler build, second energy build, and third explosive mech build.


Any ideas?



another thing too, I've noticed i've been picking up a bit of Phys related weaponry aswell. And I was thinking about swapping out my third explosive mech into a phys mech. Since everything on my explosive build is epics with only one legendary corrupt light.

Nothing wrong with having a heavy hitter coming in from WAYYY downtown to carve a small path of destructive force in 3v3 campaign. And lay down some suppressing opposition so my stronger 2 mechs can get in there and finish up

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The Boiler Mech that Burns down and obliterates any mech with incompetent module configuration. Atomus' Boiler acts as a Hard-counter to any Mech that has the slightest margin of exploitable Cooling

 'I will literally melt your mech dude..

So go on then, try me'

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Marked in red can go away. Because all depend on the entire collection you do possess, some remined just in case but some more can go away. 

Savagery it is a top weapon good for till middle ranks but will be always a useful weapon for raids and it is a weapon to have maxed on short or long run. Sure, can reserve one for now because you do not know when will be in use, but it is a to have weapon. Hysteria it is a weapon till middle ranks and after that not that much use, but some players use it as substitute till R5 for energy builds when no valiant. The issue is weight but close to valiant weight same close range still good divined till that rank, but smart players can do better. Now, if not tendency for energy, is good to have it for now if no other available. Do not eat what you can't get back easy. Night eagle still decent till R3. Charge sometimes is hard to get, I had issues to get it even with premium is not that common so always keep 3 in reserve and do not dump them. It is use on every rank and it is great. Energy engine, even having the new modules full sets, it is good to have some around for different configurations. Depending on amount available in your account, keep it to enhance your energy stats. Massive Shoker and Massive stone are to keep because you might need them. Sometimes are hard to get for many players. You can develop them for sure and will be in need. Heat option is better for configurations but energy for energy and phys for phys are great. Rock recoiler are sometimes hard to get and is best to keep both if no other around. Selfish protector will be in need, but you can spare one if have to but keep 2 no less.  Both Frantics heat and phys are to keep. Regardless the heat not many use them, are powerful and can be great for energy mech. Few top players use them and work like a charm killing me. Sure you can eliminate heat option less in use on the game but it is the only one around so I will keep it. Phys version, you can develop and use or both as temp combo with a recoil and decent energy/heat can be good for a claw or legs for now. You can max both Flaminator for energy mech till middle range, but some top players use them in top rank set ups not having premium and still work killing me. 




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if your HP and modules are too low to sustain the backfire, it is better to stay away for the moment but to keep weapons availability just in case. Sure, garage space it is important but can be controlled with power kits. I like to have space, so I opened from start because was not expensive on tokens but passing 400 it does become expensive reason it is important to level up account farming to get extra space as fast can be of course depending on player game desires. 

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