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Recommendation: META suggestions locked to ranks 1-5


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It seems to me that a lot of what is on the META thread is people who aren't in the top ranks arguing over which of their favorite items or weapons need a buff.

I don't think this is very useful to the forum or to Alexander (but it's his life, he decides what is useful).

Several people have commented that only the top ranks understand the META.  I find that assertion both illogical and intellectually repugnant.

But if that's true, then let's fix it: I recommend that the fix may be to lock out this area of the forum to only those who are rank 1-5 who are validated by email address.

Invite only if necessary.

That way everyone who complains that people's opinions aren't valid (who are also usually not rank 1-5 themselves) have less to complain about.

I am not being a jerk when I write this.  I'm just saying IF that's true, then why not fix it?  If only ranks 1-5 understand the mystical META, then why not lock this area to ranks 1-5?

If instead people who say that only ranks 1-5 understand the META are incorrect, please reply and tell me I'm wrong.  Teach me something.

"Play stupid games, win stupid prizes."


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