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3 minutes ago, Duc said:

How to farm fast help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


grind big boss until you're fuel is 0 or not 0 like not enough for the big boys mission you will get a lot of recourses. Join a clan with high points (not very high and not very low) then if you get a kit upgrade it to rare lvl 20 or epic level 30. Don't use the kit until you find a good torso for your mech and weapons, and if I am you save tokens for at least 2k+ or 1k+ for offers it will really help you. Do arena also and raids, the raid will give you tokens which is very important and arena will give you items especially try your best to reach the highest rank you can so when season ending comes you will received sometimes a good drop of reward. So ye do that 24/7 also 1 more tip find a nightmare torso its easiest to find and upgrade.

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