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New Idea to Stop Smurfs: Inventory Counting


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An idea I just had for fixing smurfs: maybe going by their inventory would be the best way to prevent smurfs.  So if they have, for example, 3 max vests, 3 maxed massive type legs, etc. if they have a certain # items and such, they should not be allowed to go below rank 10.  It may not be a perfect way to prevent smurfs, but it would mean that smurfing would be way harder.  To smurf, you'd almost have to food all kinds of your myth items to convince the game you're not a smurf.  I don't know if this would work, so it's an idea I haven't had time to think about, but it's an idea.  What does everyone think?

It would have to be configured in the game a certain way, so it might take time to set it up, but I would think it should work.

Maybe if you have 45 myth items, it should not let you fall below 10?

Note, it doesn't have to be 45 items, we can decide what # items it should be.

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