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Si arreglaron el hack de lucky patcher pero esto no | they have fixed the lucky patcher hack but this is not :(

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Now how are we going to get free tokens in supersonic if that page connects to the supermechs page instead of connecting to the game installed on the PC? that page still uses adobe flash player that is no longer available, Tacticsoft update the supermechs.com page so that it does not use adobe flash player but instead uses html5, because adobe has said in 2017 the announcement of the closure of the flash player

¿ahora como vamos a conseguir tokens gratis en supersonic si esa pagina se conecta a la de supermechs en vez de conectarse al juego instalado en el PC? esa pagina todavía usa adobe flash player que ya no esta disponible, Tacticsoft actualice la pagina supermechs.com para que no use adobe flash player si no que use html5, porque adobe ha dicho en el 2017 el anuncio del cierre del flash player


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On 5/20/2022 at 9:54 PM, Reveag said:

You could use flashbrowser (this is just google but it brings flash back)image.thumb.png.c4dc2bd78116ac8edddeccca88c37f44.png

EDIT: okay so actually when i try to go to the free token link, only persona.ly work, ssonic shows thisimage.thumb.png.fcdcfd6c8ce7aab467d99f18f50135ad.png

instead it says "You are not logged into Supermechs.com.
Please insure that your are logged in before refreshing this page", but that page still requires flash player, so it is blocked due to its non-existence, why the creators did not pass it to html5?, even with ruffle it does not work, now which says that the content is not supported by the emulator

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