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Myth Brutality Swapped Side Slots



As shown recently elsewhere I had transformed Brutality to Mythical


(re-used image)

Unfortunately it also appears that there are issues related to the side weapon slots.

The side weapon slots appear to have its position swapped, with the item in the top slot appearing higher than the item in the bottom slot.

I have equipped brutality and Zarkares as torso.


As you can see when the slots are flipped the weapons will appear in the right spot

Putting the right weapon in the right spot will have them show up really weird:


Because of how weird it looks, I have swapped the top and bottom rows. Pictures below show the config in the first picture

This does not present a huge issue, however because of the swapped slots some behavior will look weird (especially the swinging of melee weapons such as the sword and hammer)

The flipped nature of the slots can be proven in workshop as mechs sometimes perform the "slashing" move. In those cases, they will perform the "slashing" attack with the upper left weapon, which, in this case, is a hot flash.


Whereas my energy will swing the hammer


(energy side weapon slot for reference)



I know that people will come here, drop a note and say that "this problem is not a problem" or "it don't affect anyone", but it is a simple problem, and because it's a simple problem I know it's easy to fix (at least, I think it is easy to fix). So just put it on the list, and fix it at some point.

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It's a FLASH GAME. At least, it once were.

Get over it

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