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This isn't about SM and tbh, what I'm about to say is kinda dumb but whatever. Don't tell me I'm begging for attention either when I say this. I feel as if ever since middle school and covid hit, I been super lonely. I never grew up with friends in fact, I was bullied all of elementary school. I do online school, I recently have been going back to church on Wednesday and Sunday. I spend my days doing chores, working on school and that's basically it. I don't talk to many people even online. I find most of the people on forums to have a good personality even though I do not know them very well. My birthday is in 12 days and in my 14 years of living on this planet, I can't even say I've had a friend that has lasted through middle school. If anyone wants to, they can feel free to message me here or on insta @ tyler_jarret_a
I'm just looking for someone to talk to during the day. I hope everyone has a good day/ night

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@Spoon, you are really starting to sound like me when I was in middle school. (only 2 years ago). 

I've basically been lonely my whole life (lonely as in no friends). I have a brother, but he don't really understand me. the rest of my family "almost" think i live in a separate dimension from them.... almost. I had a friend in elementary school, but he moved away after 5th grade. everyday of high school, i'm surrounded by my elementary and middle school classmates and "friends" (quotes because they don't really count). I'm surrounded by them, but i don't feel any bit close to them. in fact, i feel like i'm getting more lonely... like having something placed right in front of you, but just can't reach it... like Tantalus (greek myth). 

if you have private gmail address, i free for chats. google chat is the only avaliable form of messaging i can use because my school computer have some limits. I'm on my private pc rn, so i can use discord and forum. but i can only get on my private pc from around 8-10 pm (Pacific Standard Time) and probably not everyday. I'm on my school pc everyday and i don't have a phone... yet. getting one this summer. 

dm me if you are interested. (like private message on forum). or dm in discord. i'm in the SM server. 

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