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Update on Era of Legends


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Despite of Era of Legends rocky start, we started collecting new players through the in-game arena chat. This method had quite the success for us, managing to recruit a member around rank 11 with 50+wins a season. As we stated before, we aim towards an active system with loads of rewards. And for us to be able to claim 200 wins on our first 4 days (5 active members, the 5th having only joined in Thursday) , we believe with a fully active clan, 2000 wins a week isn't out of our reach.    


give.png.cdba53b0bad57cb4644d48d91a3c3967.png TITAN.png.4c75f26b1dc6dad8983acdb5319f3df6.png200.png.831572b81c76a54c55651a21b8b903f8.png


*Those 8 members u see in the photo is an outdated screenshot of the members with their accumulated wins. Three of those members did not meet the minimum requirements to remain, they will be removed. Since we have set an aim on rank and wins, we want to stand by that. By the time the post will be uploaded, 2 of the members will have been kicked.

**As a clan, we saw that rank 12 is a high demand for a newcomer clan like us, so we thought rank 15 is a more reasonable and chance giving for lower ranks to join.

***The discord server we promised, will be ready at approximately the start of February.

For more info, contact on discord: Ei ti koitas#6814



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11 hours ago, Ur Hacking said:

I might join when your clan starts getting 1k-2k wins

A clan can't get 1k wins with only 7-8 players.We are trying to get people who will help and not those who want the things done from the others.You will not be acceptable from us if you are in that group of people.

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