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I got welcome back food

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Recently the Energy parts have been buff a little. If you are starting the game some of those parts are good to go to max out.

1- Broken blizzard can be fully max. It is in need on high rank

2- Bull dog it is not the best weapon now. Still decent but not everyone will say is good now. Still decent starting and beyond.

3- Hot flash is decent till R4 or Even R3. Some configurations are decent for it. New Legend version is better. Same weight but more power.

4- Big Daddy still in use at top but not a lot. It can be max out. 

5- Legs are in need. Max them. 

6- EMP in reserve also can be max out. 

7- I do not know torso and modules in use. Hard to tell 

Blizzard will help to drain energy resistance in particular for those using weapons against resistance but still good as reserve for your mech and is good because you have Bulldog. Be sure to not use bulldog instead use leg and use blizzard then bulldog at some point. With VEST torsos the resistance are very high making them hard to kill them.

It will work using leg then bulldog and hotflash but hysteria will be out of range. The drone will need to be a good one to inflict resistance damage like rail gun to use hysteria and hotflash as combo killer or electrolyte for close range for your bulldog/bigdaddy combo. It won't be that good but if is what you have for now go for it. You need good modules for it like quad core and overload boosters. 


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      Story of how cheap SM got, 10 years ago. Back to the beginning....

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      Need help with first mythics

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