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Restoring items in an old account I got locked out of



Heya, couple of days ago I was finally able to remember my password for my account from 2016, but when i logged in it was completely empty, i heard there was a data wipe or something of that sort (for people that didnt play or something like that (?)), the question is, is there a way for me to get my items back as i literally COULDNT play, not because i didnt want to, but because i got locked out of my account, thanks alot! 
(picture of what it looked like when i logged in, i still kept all of my levels and stuff but my money converted to a new type of currency or something liek that and i lost all of my items).unknown.png?width=1092&height=609

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6 minutes ago, That1Guy said:

Unfortunately, they don’t keep backup data past a certain date(I believe two years). They have no info on your account’s possessions anymore. There’s no way to get it back.

Dang, thank you very much anyways, have a great day!

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