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For heating drones

snake pas chaos

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These are the drones that I think are quite useful. Flame Spear and Fire Fly need to be paired with appropriate distance weapons
The combination of Swoop and knife and axe is very suitable,
The best drone in Nemo's early transition,
Heatpoint is also suitable for excessive,
Then I think the backfire drone in the heating drone series is the most unpopular

(I want Swoop and Flame Spear QWQ)







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I have a boiler mech and i legit unlocked the swoop drone years ago, ignorant to how powerful it is (over 100 heat damage bruh) I used it as myth food to create a mythical NEMO.


Worst mistake i've ever made

The Boiler Mech that Burns down and obliterates any mech with incompetent module configuration. Atomus' Boiler acts as a Hard-counter to any Mech that has the slightest margin of exploitable Cooling

 'I will literally melt your mech dude..

So go on then, try me'

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