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Exchange Desolation to Savagery. EnergyFree mech with Magma Recoiler and Corrupt Light isn't good idea. It'll be better if you make balanced mech with Savagery.

How to make a good balance mech mech?

If you have a heat torso you need 4  Energy Modules and 3 Heat Modules. I'll recommend to you this combination:

2 Combine Modules, 1  Heat Engine, 2 Energy Engines and Maximum protector. You'll have 2 free slots, use Platinum Platingimage.png.d576ade7338d497f9091901b343fbbc1.png there, you'll get it from 200th level box.

Than you'll have 11 kg for a teleporter.

If you want more heat, exchange Windigo to Nightmareimage.png.03ff4fcbc28b0aed8cba450d0966344d.png  and use 1 free module slot to do it.(Heat Engine)

Good Luck)

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 You could go for this build: image.thumb.png.67ee86297d45735974cb2fb0e1e3613c.png And replace your Iron Plating with a Platinum Plating as soon as you get one, and replace your Heat Engine with a Quad Core Booster when you get one. You could also go for a classic boiler build:



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I forgot my password to my original account (just normal Flawed), so I made Flawed 2!

Also, scorpions are really cool.

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