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Getting into making music


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Hey all! been awhile since I hopped on the forum... man life's been hectic for awhile now...

Anyways, as the title suggests, I'm getting into making music. I can't make a beat for the life of me, but I like to rap, and not about the typical stuff you hear on the radio nowadays about women, guns, drugs, etc. I go for more of an NF style (if you don't know who that is you should definitely look him up 👍). Typically the stuff I come up with (currently unreleased) is quite depressing, but one thing that sets me apart is I avoid cussing in my songs. Keeping it clean, but still spitting bars and speaking truth. 

I recently dropped my first single "Better Me" by CODE (prod. JammyBeatz & bapsxx) on Spotify, YouTube, and AppleMusic. Please give it a listen, let me know what you think, and feel free to share it! I'm trying to promote it as much as I can, so any help is appreciated! 



I was outside taking a break the other day at work, and one of the workers over at the store next door had a speaker going and was selling some stuff that was on clearance. I asked him how he was playing the music, and he replied that he was using Youtube Music. I asked for him to play a certain song (👀) and he searched it up and played it. After it finished playing, he said that he really liked it, and asked who it was, and I got all cheesy and put my thumb to my chest. We talked about the process and all for a bit and he ended up putting it on the store's playlist, so now people here in my town will possibly hear my song when they walk in the store :D

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