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Constructing a third mech for the team


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I have two pretty strong mechs that can hold their own in battle, however i've actually came across a very serious problem, when running through face of extinction, a third mech is required, and not just slapping together a bunch of random items, i feel like I need a little more power on my third mech so he can atleast take out a few tanks or buggies.


This is a concept ive constructed


I don't have many phys related weaponry but with what I do have I feel like with enough upgrading and fusing, this can easily be a runner up for my second and first mech.


The drone is selfish protector too..sheesh.


If I ever get an annihilation or a nightfall, that sucker is going on this build no questions asked. However im gonna get my other two mechs perked up as much as i can before i waste any resources and money in this third mech, or should I go ahead and start upgrading this guy? That's really up to y'all lol. Even the smallest bits of advice help, thats why most of my posts are asking questions.

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The Boiler Mech that Burns down and obliterates any mech with incompetent module configuration. Atomus' Boiler acts as a Hard-counter to any Mech that has the slightest margin of exploitable Cooling

 'I will literally melt your mech dude..

So go on then, try me'

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