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Can anyone help me with choices for Mythical and Builds?


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 I currently don't know what to do with my main mech, almost all equipment are legendarys and I can't see myself getting very far with the way it is. Frantic Brute is very annoying and even when my enemy is at -40 physical resistance he manages to deal less than 150 dmg. the only useful weapon is the Cockpit Piercer and the rest is just to occupy my slots. I ended up turning the iron boots into legendary because I had no idea which leg was better to choose and now I regret it because they are kind of bad.

I don't know what to do with the mech, I also don't know if it would be a good idea to sacrifice the legendary ones in 1 mythical weapon. Can someone give me Ideas?

Screenshot_20221128-142217_Super Mechs.jpg


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Bruh you dont even need that many weapons . Just make it 4.

And pls always make ur modules slot full.

And DO NOT use frantic brute unless their mythic max cuz otherwise youll get 50% - 20 % damage

You have too many range 2 weapons . I suggest  remove some of them or remove frantic brute

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