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goofy ahh build review: I need some space

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image.thumb.png.0a87e57d83110313116abf02d88f8862.pngimage.thumb.png.1e9e51f6a838ca65da109efbe3f34c51.png image.thumb.png.0a6d6d9cd8b1682845d850616686c149.pngmy not really a friend but was on a reddit pic's crush once said "I need some space" so I build this mekk specifically for what she said... a build that pushes and pushes (need advanced repulsers) to give some space against those huggers who wanna hug to lessen loneliness... and if they're on their edge? no worries, we got ya covered with a get outta here cannon where leaving is done cool

hahehohaha soo corni


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