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The reason behind this is because:

- While a singular QCB or OvP may increase your max stats (en/heat) by a small amount, coupling them together amplifies this increase tenfold. This blows all of the other E-M engines out of the water and makes most E-M weapons insignificant. Forget about your heater build. These new mech lineups all have at least 380 cooling! And don't even think about your energy build. The new and improved mechs have 380+ regeneration! I'm not even forgetting the physical mechs, because those would be explained by a different set of modules.

With rounded mechs of the past sporting 700/300 energy and 450/350 heat while new ones boast with 800/400 energy and 650/400 heat, the only species of roundeds that will exist are physicals. Sure (as of right now) there's 1 heat build with Swoop that's doing pretty good, but that's because of the Swoop buff.

I would suggest either nerfing the L-Ms (as the topic says) or buffing the old E-Ms to be at least comparable to the L-M ones. Couple that with buffing some old E-Ms too. If it's gonna be nerfed, I would suggest increasing the QCB weight by 6-10kg and OvP's by 3-5kg. 

- Who could forget the Fortresses? You see them everywhere... because you can tell by just how unimaginable their resistance is to one type. Oh, someone has 160 physical resist AND 135 explosive resist? Good luck with your triple magma breaking through that wall of hopelessness. Is your drainer build only doing 200 damage on a drained mech that doesn't even need energy to beat you? Blame these guys. Don't have those 60 resistance drain thingamabobs? Just take your L already.

Just increase their weight by 5kg. Does everyone a favor.


Remember that all the modules mentioned above basically replace 2 of the E-M ones, so not only are you getting a weight reduction and a stat boost if you are indeed replacing the E-Ms, you can also fit more L-Ms and even old E-Ms to raise your elemental caps by at least 20%.

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