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    Darkweaver got a reaction from Scarlet Lorv in Merry Christmas! 🎄   
    my gift box did not come yet
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    Darkweaver got a reaction from Scarlet Lorv in Merry Christmas! 🎄   
    I tried again :S but ı dont got
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    Darkweaver reacted to Nefertary Meriten-Mut in Balance Update 03-01-2020   
    Phys continues to be dominant.
    With the new "anti-phys" torso, you will lose anyway, although fair that is, you will lose by less difference. The anti-phys torso will also leave less HP on your mech, so if you are a heat user (for example), you will be weaker compared to other heat and energy.
    What you see in Arena is that trolling has increased considerably. Now there aren´t only the classic troll phys, but also troll energy and a kind of troll that was not very popular before, but is now more and more frequent: the heat troll (heat build that carry 1 or 2 weapons that need energy, but that carry very low energy level).
    The difference shows about Frantic, to the point that I think Frantic will disappear from the game. Frantic was never a problem on the high ranks. Of course it was annoying for some players in the middle ranks. But it´s a cheap weapon, relatively easy to obtain that greatly helped the f2p player who has no other means of obtaining Spartan. So the whole Frantic thing was a "poor versus poor" showdown and now everyone is left with nothing. I hope some of you will learn the lesson and be more united rather than against each other. Because when a f2p player faces another f2p, in the end they both lose and the one who wins is the p2w and the administration.
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