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  1. Also you can increase your campaign gold rewards with one of the arena buffs
  2. If they are bosses, weight shouldn't matter
  3. I got a second maximum protector, when I still don't know what to do with the first one
  4. I had been wondering what happens if 2 people fight the titan at the same time.
  5. Are you sure War Robots doesn't?
  6. can I borrow your drone?
  7. We already have physical rollers, the Rolling Beasts
  8. wait is that frog badge a real one? because if so i want it
  9. That's just what a food would say!
  10. There is already a cursed image thread
  11. I maxed Zarkares right before the Windigo buff was announced
  12. The blue ones are for rare to mythical items
  13. you don't, it's all part of the government's evil plan to make everyone smell their own breath!
  14. give your reasoning as well or no one will listen to you
  15. why is this here? this thread is not for bragging about how many packs you have
  16. Quantum


    please stop asking this question
  17. don't worry, i reacted for you
  18. According to Workshop Unlimited, the Rolling Beasts are heavier but have more HP, while the Sparked Runners deal more damage.
  19. it works doubly well if it is the same item type and the same element type
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