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  1. That reminds me of how i used my first reckoning as myth food (on my first account) I was stupid
  2. Platinum Grappling Hook And Epics Rank 10 Box Also My First Grappling Hook (legendary)
  3. same happened to me in the danger zone in 3v3 (and still i didnt get it back,it was a year ago)
  4. I started playing raid, but one thing was not right about my mech, I saw that it had doubled hats on my mech, it though it was a bug but when I tried another mission in campaign, the same thing happened. Is that been here for a long time or I just saw it now?
  5. What if you forgot everything but you remember your username, like forgetting email or you entered non existing email while creating account?
  6. It happened same for me too when i played on pc so try unlinking facebook from phone bcs it worked for me
  7. The same thing happened for me but with distance shredder (Dealt 4482 Damage)but then it was a visual glitch
  8. So i was playing super mechs and i wanted to log in to my alt account on facebook . Then it logged me in into my old alt account which was rank 12 so i played about 5-10 mins in it.Then when i wanted to go back in my rank 9 account. It logged me back into that rank 12 account again (but it was the same user and pass as my rank 9) then i tried again but it again logged me back into rank 12.after that i logged on facebook on my pc then it logged me on rank 9 account .Then i was confused about that bug so can this bug be fixed because i want old user/pass of my rank 9 not rank 12? (now on my rank 9 account i dont have any SM user/pass but it signs that i have SM account)
  9. I dont want to be in this forum anymore Because they deleted old forum I want old forum!
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