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  1. Hey everyone, I've been more active on the discord than the board, but figured I'll make an intro over here. So I'm Prophecy, previously Sapphire Lightning, and have been playing since August or September last year (I forget which). I found the game after returning back to Battledawn for a bit, which I remember first playing more than 12 years ago. (Gee I feel old) At first I mistook SM for Battlemechs, which was the one I actually intended on playing. I thought BM had evolved into SM, but looks like they are totally separate games after all. I'm typically between the ranks of 7 - 9 at the moment and prioritized building an energy and physical mech. I also lead a clan called Singularity, which I created after carrying previous ones to the 1k wins. Aside from that, I'm a pretty active player and currently F2P (may change soon). That said, it's nice to meet you all, although I'm familiar with several here, since I keep seeing the same names on the board, discord and sometimes in-game.
  2. Greetings, Pilots! Singularity has grown rather quickly and we're on our way to 1k wins by the end of the week. The combined clan rank is currently 13 and steadily rising. We have attained 22/24 members, many of which are very active. As of the date and time of this update, we are now looking for pilots rank 12 or better to join us. The main requirements are a high activity level and to participate in clan activities as much as possible. Reply to this post or message me directly with a brief introduction to apply. All the best, Prophecy
  3. Welcome to Singularity, Pilot! Singularity is a new clan within the 7 - 12 rank range. The main goal of the clan is to build and evolve a strong, active, and loyal team by providing mutual assistance and cooperation. Both newcomers and experienced players are welcome, however activity and communication are key to joining Singularity. Part of the clan's objective is to exchange feedback, share information and provide advice where necessary. I created this clan after having played with several other clans, including top 30s. My main issue with some of the other clans has been the lack of activity, no communication, and at times the owner randomly kicked team members. Often times I had carry the clan's wins to reach the 1,000 weekly wins by getting 100 to 250 wins myself. As of right now it is just me in the clan, however I've invited a few people who are expected to join once the season ends and the last titan rewards were handed out. About me I am a very active player logging in typically three times a day. I started playing the game last year and my rank is typically 7 or 8, sometimes 6, while my level is 197 and likely reaching 200 by the end of next week. The mechs I use are mainly physical and energy based. Clan Goals: Attain 1,000 wins each week Defeat Titans Participate in Wars Provide mutual assistance & feedback Ensure a safe & respectful environment Build a strong and loyal team Rank up and grow together Responsibilities: Communicate primarily in English Minimum of 35 wins per week Assist in obtaining Titan Tickets Assist in defeating Titans Participation in Wars Maximum Inactivity Period: 2 days. 3 days upon prior notice.
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