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SuperMechs_2024-02-29-21-42-59.thumb.jpg.c86003bb0298c9189567c1d4e203e70d.jpgWell, I'm serious. It's a farmers clan. I think there will still be only one person with three personalities, but it will be easier to control the clan. At the time of start I had 49 million gold total. I'm going to earn at least 200 million and bring all accounts into good shape, with at least three beautiful mechs. 

LETS GOOOOOO🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

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Well, it is possible to get the 3 accounts into 200 million. Been solo it is more manageable. 

Sure, you have a mech acc with advanced characteristics. I think you can use that one in a clan to earn some relics to help weapons but if you want to do like I do for fun, then is best to have them together. If you play TITAN, then will be harder to collect tickets. 

Will be hard to manage 3 accounts to increase the gold. You will need to farm them at least 4 times a day in full and time to time a pvp "not all week" but recommended. 

In my case, I miss a lot of pvp even weeks without a single day 5 wins. That cost 700k per week not earned and tokens miss. My account is developed at L250 and full arena shop items. That allow me to have max cap of 95 as the higher so far in the game for all players. Farming 4 times a day, is what make the account to progress. That provide mix boxes for level up and to make at least 2 myth parts per month if you are focus on steady gold increment and not using base to make power kits. You can make the parts and save 100 million in 4 months and if play enough then more but average at 4 round of farm per day 7 days will make it as I do. 

I use strictly mix boxes farmed to increase gold. Making power kits will drain gold fast and will have to balance in some weeks with mix boxes and holding back some weeks to recover. 

I will say that managing 2 accounts will be better. Working on 3 it is hard, and I know because I used to manage 8 and made them top rank R5+ and had to give away 6 to family. Those are fully free. 

Playing 2 accounts doing raid, titan, tickets, looking to win 5 wins "sometimes hard if not good mechs", farming, leveling up parts etc takes a lot of time. 

I know that it is the reason of the clan's name but just do not overwhelm yourself. We want you to stay around not burned. 


Sounds fun 

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