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What to food I don't have a second mech and can make one (pretty shit though) and only remaining weapon i didn't myth yet is this



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1 hour ago, mustanggod said:

keep all of them but the one circled, that can be used as myth food
everything else has significant usage in PvP and PvE


Actually, that circulated weapon, it can be use on top rank. It will be useful till R3. Do not meat any of those parts. Keep all of them.

16 hours ago, Chewtoy28 said:

r/SuperMechs - I don't have a second mech yet and this is my last legendary weapon (I have myth brute and annihilation) what should i food?

keep all of them. do not meat any. Make your own legends farming with epics. 

11 hours ago, Battalion Incinerator said:

DO NOT use Red Rain, Magma Recoiler and Nightmare. It's good stuff.

Supreme Cannon can be used as food.

Red Rain it is a TOP Premium weapon. You will need that one at some point. 

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