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Workshop Unlimited background wallpaper making and sharing thread.


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Did you know that you can actually change the background of WU simulator and not just look at just a blank gray canvas, the purpose of making this thread's to share any possible background as well as a small little guide on how to make your own background for WU!. I really hope that this thread will encourage people to use WU more.

How to add a background for WU :
- Enable pop-ups in any of browser site settings

- Refresh WU site.
- Return to WU's mech building screen and multiple times click your mech's torso until a link-box pop up for you to insert the URL of your wall paper, usually i would post it anywhere on discord and then use said image's link into the pop up myself


How to make a WU background :
- Overall dimension that i find the most appealing is 1980 width and 1080 height
- To ensure your background won't get obstructed by the play area in the bottom of the screen, you will have to bump a little gray area with the same width as the wallpaper background and the height of 180.
- I do plan on making a background with specific areas for HP bars too, but if you were to do so the Height of the background HP bar area is 300.



in the case you are too lazy to make one for now....you can use mine, i just made this one yesterday representing the pilots of my mechs of my mech team roster using a few other game's sprite assets.





 To encourage more players to use WU more....why don't you submit your own WU wall paper yourself that you find or made yourself ? 





Releasing anew WU background as a thank you gift i made for a friend, if the last one i created's "Humanity's Fall", this one's "Abyss's Last Stand"

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