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    Killer gamer 22322 reacted to Marija for a blog entry, Anti-Cheat Update - 02-10-2021   
    Hi Pilots, 
    Since purchasing Super Mechs we’ve steadily improved the game, a lot of this is a bit boring (like solving some cheats, improving stability, improving base, deals and balance…) but recently we tackled a particular cheat that has been bothering veterans for a long time now. 
    By abusing SuperMechs’ architecture, a cheat called "Multitabbing" has been becoming an increasing problem. While the cheat in question has been around for years, it has grown more popular and has proven to be very challenging for us to fix. Since it worked through abusing the very core of the game, multiple attempted fixes simply didn’t work, or caused many other issues. To cope with that for the time being, we have been doing banwaves. These however, have been losing a lot of their effect as cheaters grow more adept at quickly growing multiple new accounts. 
    We are happy to announce that as of roughly 2 weeks ago, we have successfully deployed an anti-cheat update. This update addresses several cheats, including the notorious "Multitabbing" cheat. It does this in a definitive manner and after watching cheaters trying (and failing) to use this and other cheats, we are confident at this point that this solution works completely. 
    We apologize for not announcing this sooner, we needed cheaters to think nothing had changed simply so that we could monitor their attempts at still using their cheats in the game. Fighting hacking is a long term battle and we had to make sure we really had them this time. We've already done a series of bans targeting the abusers of this cheat and we have more planned still. We are confident the game should already have significantly fewer cheaters now and the remnants should be sent to Brazil as well in the immediate future. You can help by reporting them here.
    Please do keep in mind that some players reported just aren't very well known, but quite legit, though. Some cheaters saved up boxes while it still worked, please report these if you see anything suspicious in the drops.
    Thanks everyone for sticking with us and helping us by reporting and debugging, in addition our moderator Raul has also been a big help and so has Elcent from our BattleDawn team. Hopefully this makes the game a little better for everyone, please stay tuned to see what we can do now when we don't have to worry about people abusing it to cheat.  
    Enjoy playing Super Mechs! 
    - Super Mechs Team
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    Killer gamer 22322 reacted to Alexander for a blog entry, Expanding the Community Team   
    Hi Pilots,
    We decided to expand the community team to help us handle support requests faster and better, facilitate better and more common events, free up time for other tasks and get things under control a bit more. 
    Please welcome Marija, who has long helped the Super Mechs Team as a volunteer (as far back as with Tacticsoft!) and has always been very social and friendly with many, many players in the game and Fluffeh, who works for us on the Battle Dawn side as well and is well-respected as one of the best theory crafters in SM's history. 
    If you don't know them yet, you'll be seeing more of them soon. 🙂
    Thanks everyone! 
    PS: We'll be opening other roles in the near future. Please consider applying for Item Artist if you're good with animate and want to earn some tokens, or take a look at our Job Offers (https://community.supermechs.com/job-offers/) for upcoming jobs. 
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