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A place for members of this clan, or people who wish either to join or be allies of our clan, we give tips and advice to those who need it
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  2. So the second mech seems be fine, maybe if you have a better weapon for replace tye recless but otherwise the mech is decent . The first mech, as i said except the legs the mech look good ( you have also good weapon but not totally in the best composition ) And the third mech seems also good ( maybe more experimented can tell if i have wrong )
  3. Hi Electro. Sorry have been busy a bit and didnt took a look here. Thx for replying. The 3rd one was supposed to be an energy free mech... There r no weap9ns which uses energy only the dawnblaze. A second repulser i was thinking about already. U r right with tze second one... A night eagle hides behind... So i pretty have all ranges. And about my energy mech... I dont wanted to take off any other moduls thsn that due i wanna be safe for overheat and energy break and yeah forgot the name... Still now this happens due i havent maxed them yet. Still busy with my weapons of number 1 and 2. What do u think?
  4. I advice you this set of module for your mech ( my advice are not reliable, i am only rank 11 ) : 1er : Also try to get better leg 2nd : You have another weapon ? the reckless hide something ? Otherwise add a nightfall or another weapon with a 2 - 4 range 3rd : Maybe replace the dawnblaze by a another bazalt armor dissolver or a repulser Also i add energy module to better resists against energitic mech, generally the energy resists is not enought .
  5. Hi, I'm Summus Sarcerdos Tenebrarum, leader of the clan Sacri Ordo Luciferiani. I'm in my 44th and still a dedicated gamer. I'm obsessed with old retro games and now a little bit with my sons nintendo switch. Also i'm a huge metal fan, a bit punk and HC. South East Asia traveller. And a film nerd when its about kung fu(shaw brothers) , chanbara, a bit old horror movies(hammer) and splatter. This game here is good fun although 8t takes a lot of my free time. And some bugs or whatever fucked me up already and i lost my super expensive account. I hope we all can learn from each other and get our clan under the top ranks somewhen. Ps: once aga8n here the sameas it was planned to post here in this club section, let us know who u r
  6. Hi Guys, Here are my mechs so far. Now im level 15 at the base, so i can create power kits to improve my stuffs. Mech one and two both weapons r myth level but still not maxed. Next thing is to max them first. After ill do my moduls as i still have some resources here. Guess my first one isnt that bad tho and my melee as well once he has some more hitpoints. 3rd one just start and i didnt played much with him yet still a bit clumsy, maybe have to change something

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