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  1. thats what me and my brother call it we dont know the real name its the last teir im talking abt like your profile pic im not asking for another account im seeing if the person that has it might be nice enough to give it back or share it with me
  2. please if anyone knows or has the acount super meow please tell me because i gave it to a guy for him to borrow and he stole it and sold it i fought aginst my old acount yester the guy wouldent budge and let me get my acount back please come forward anyone that has any info please come forward ALSO HE WAS REALLY EPIC AND I BEAT BOTH CAMPAIGNS AND I WAS A LAVA SKULL AND IM NOT LIEING CAUSE I RENMEBR THE LAST GUY IS A GIANT TRUCK GUY!!!!!!!! ALSO IM NOT LIEING I WAS A LAVA SKULL TIER AND LOOKED BAD ASS ALSO PLEASE BUFF THE METEOR SWORDS ALSO FINALY THE CLAN TAHTS TOP USED TO BE STUCK
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