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We aim to offer a welcoming, productive and friendly community to all players. To achieve this, we will need you to follow a few rules.

  • Criticize ideas, not people. You can disagree while still being civil.
  • Be friendly to others, or simply ignore them. This is not a place for feuds.
  • Keep it tidy, one topic is enough to discuss one thing. 
  • Keep it on topic, even if you're done discussing, others may not be. You can always start a different one!
  • Be respectful and mindful of others. Our community's strength is in the thousands of players all over the world. Their background isn't relevant. 
  • Do not bring peoples "Clan" into things needlessly. It's just the group of players they happen to play with, other clans aren't that scary.
  • Accusing others, attempting to witch-hunt them or making them feel unsafe in any ways are all not tolerated. Please use the proper form for that sort of thing. 🙂 
  • Please do not post anything that may harm the game (e.g. cheats or hacks) publicly.
  • We do not allow account buying, selling, trading, sharing or gifting (or any discussion thereof) on these forums (or anywhere else). It breaks our ToS and leads to a lot of drama. 
  • Please keep content tasteful. There's both adults and teenagers on this forum. No nudity or shirtless pictures please!

Please keep in mind we will remove anyone who adds toxicity at our discretion. We want to have a fun community with productive discussions. Using the forum is a privilige not a right and we will link player-run communities for anyone who would prefer something moderated differently. 🙂 

Please follow any reasonable instructions Moderators give you. They're volunteers who are simply trying to make this place better for everyone!

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