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HELP, IDK WAT TO MAX/DO (with my items)?



My mech rn: image.png.8a952a67df9aaa1f7e4a0131f1036ecc.png+ face shocker
torsos: image.png.29494c99d775692af73aa2f16a5bbed9.png

legs: image.png.26fc9c2541b17e50abad284de9d297ae.png

side weapons:   image.png.429c47d4c3ccde99b21fadd43434dfcd.png

top weapons: image.png.735486930a37e7ba4c172795d6321c82.png

drones: image.png.14fba54a4649ab832f4a3c541942b974.png

special items: image.png.57e26a5969ff32ba25235f770d85cb78.png

modules: image.png.8ac6b22d5193208769ae59383463030a.pngimage.png.e616c9ea43f317fa0822a24489bd0f99.png

arena buffs: image.png.e20791e5472afeb460440167e71d7a13.pngimage.png.14f23bd148c21ae0a162536b1c9aa6f6.png


PLS MAKE SOME SUGGESTIONS/TIPS (making a second mech or improving this energy one are both fine)!
I'm consistently around r9 - 10. I'm considering making a phys build with the distance shredder and superb charge, but not sure how, bc I have no plates. 
And since I have no plates, is maxing lightning vest good? Also, most of my arena buffs are energy-related. 




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I always get unlucky with my drops, dropped both shotguns but not phys shotgun, 3 ele hooks and not a single other one, red sword but no terror blade or burning shower. Superb charge was the only good drop I've gotten in a while. f2p player btw :O.
Anyways, u said to use heron mark, but I don't have anything to combo it with.

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