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Another trading idea!

you'll probably just leave now, but for everyone who stays, read on.


The Black Market Hub

Where there is no trading with people, and there are preset values for everything along with trading rules!

The rules:

L-Ms can be traded for non-L-Ms, but non-L-Ms can't be traded for L-Ms

Trading cannot be cross-element (Heat for Phys, Ene for Heat)

Output items will keep the tier of the input item, but not the LvL. (Max Mythical Bloodweep --> Mythical  LvL 1 Mercy) (applies only to L-Ms)

Items must share the same tier.

Every week, there will be a L-M event where 3 non-L-M items will be valid for trading a L-M, all items are random.

Divine Relic Trading also is supplied in the Hub!

Legendary Ascension Relic: 5 Epic Relics

Epic Ascension Relic: 5 Rare Relics

Rare Ascension Relic: 5 Common Relics

Common Ascension Relic: 50K gold.


This idea probably needs a bit of refinement before serious consideration.

Hopefully this can stop the flow of E-M counterparts to L-M items and more people will be able to get the items they want.

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