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Clan recruitment, ( Angeles del Pyre ).


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Greetings Pilots, today we are looking for members to join (Angeles del Pyre)


An active clan that is made for users who need decent rewards, titan coins, get epic relics, etc.

Here are the requirements.

1._ You must be active, (minimum 15 wins daily).

2._ Insulting members is not allowed.

3._ Minimum rank 12.

4._ Collaborate with the titan

5._ It is not allowed to take advantage of errors, such as the example titans.

6._ can see exceptions with ranks 13 if the user can at least touch rank 12.

Now we must make this clear.

Clan news will be reported from Super Mechs Latam, there will soon be a separate club translated into English.
Sometimes you can break rules, but if you abuse or it is irreparable then you will be instantly expelled.

The requirements increase if they are with members of rank +9 60% of the total.

I hope those who need activity can serve this clan and enjoy it.😃

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6 hours ago, 007JOKER said:

Hola Electrick010 me interesa unirme a el clan y puedo cumplir lo que pide, solo que por ahora estoy en los rango 14 y 13 y como piden 12 no se si pueden hacer una excepcion.PD:LLEVO TIEMPO BUSCANDO UN CLAN ASI

No tenemos problema en eso, manda tu solicitud al clan yo le bajaré los requisitos para que puedas entrar.


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